Waste Maid 58 Economy ½ HP Garbage Disposal

Budget is often the biggest concern when you’re shopping for home appliances, including garbage disposals. Saving money is important, but you also need to consider the value you receive for the price that you pay. If you’re looking for a budget option that will last, Waste Maid can help you with a cost-effective option. The Waste Maid 58 Economy ½ HP Garbage Disposal offers our top option for anyone on a budget an in need of a garbage disposal unit. This compact disposal has some unique features that make it a powerful option that won’t break the bank.

About the Waste Maid 58 Economy ½ HP Garbage Disposal

This Waste Maid garbage disposal features a TorqueMaster balance grinding system designed to offer power. It has a permanent magnet motor, an anti-jam stainless steel impeller and a corrosion proof grinding chamber. Measuring 16″ x 7″, it’s a fairly compact option that you can install anywhere convenient. It features a dishwasher inlet port, making it possible to connect to your dishwasher by knocking out the plug.

Affordable Option

One of the best things about this garbage disposal is that it’s an affordable option. A garbage disposal isn’t necessarily something that you want to pay a lot of money for. You might want to replace it in a few years, or you might need to get replacement parts for it occasionally. Although you want an efficient way to deal with waste, not everyone has a large budget to work with. At less than $60, this garbage disposal is accessible for anyone.

Maintaining Hygiene

This Waste Maid product is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a hygienic garbage disposal. It features exclusive Bio-Shield technology for antimicrobial and odor protection to help keep your home clean. Prevent odors using this feature that is unique to this disposal. It’s made using materials to help promote hygiene and its efficient operation also helps to deal with waste more easily so that you can quickly get rid of it.

High-speed Efficiency

This ½ horse power economy model features TorqueMaster technology with high torque and a balanced grinding system. The 2600 RPM system makes short work of any waste that you want to deal with. It has permanent magnet motors and balanced turntables to deliver a quality performance for an affordable price. You can plug this in with the attached power cord for easy installation. There’s plenty of power in this garbage disposal unit, even though it is small and inexpensive.

Durable with Warranty

Durability is a must for a garbage disposal unit. You don’t want to deal with blockages all the time or have it break down soon after buying it. This unit has a 2-year warranty and is built to last without causing you any problems. It has an anti-jam stainless steel impeller and a corrosion proof grinding chamber, as well as a stainless steel armature shaft.

Choose this garbage disposal if you’re looking for an affordable option. It might be a value product but it still delivers plenty.

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